Russian Reality Shows Are Violent

And the screening process for contestants must be non-existent because these people seem downright homicidal.

6 thoughts on “Russian Reality Shows Are Violent

  1. What the hell? I hope these people go to jail for this behaviour. And that guy dragging the woman into that room? Howcome nobody from the show helped? Clearly they must be screened and it’s homicidal they are looking for. And I thought things were bad here lol. Looks like rocket science tv compared to that shameful display of simian behaviour.


    1. I would say it is waaay worse than the reality shows here because I don’t think the shows in the US would ever allow so many prolonged attacks especially male on female ones.


      1. We had one of those male on female attacks, real class act: kickboxer kicked a woman sitting on a chair. It was the first Bigbrother ever. He was kicked out of the show for it.


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