Trailer of the Day: Phantasm Ravager


The long-awaited fifth and final entry in Don Coscarelli’s classic horror Phantasm film series is coming soon.
Starring Reggie Bannister, Michael Baldwin and Angus Scrimm. –

This trailer makes me so giddy! I love the PHANTASM franchise and the fact that this movie continues the series instead of being a reboot or reinvention warms the cockles of my heart. Sure this trailer is just a bunch of clips thrown together with no context but its got everything I would expect to see in a PHANTASM flick: The Tall Man, flying balls of death (including what looks like a giant flying ball of death), and the old gang of Mike, Jody and Reggie (Fuck yeah, Reggie!!) back together to try and stop the Tall Man’s demonic machinations.

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