Whatever Happened To…These 80’s Teen Movie Actresses

Karen Kopins


Karen Kopins was an all-American, fresh faced former beauty queen who starred in two really bad, cult status teen movies that I love to pieces. ONCE BITTEN saw Kopins playing the virtuous girlfriend of a young Jim Carrey trying to save her boyfriend from a lusty lady vampire and FAST FORWARD she was the snooty rich chick trying to break up the central couple. And she was great playing either type.
Kopins (now Karen Kopins Shaw) did some TV work on series like DALLAS, THE A-TEAM, FULL HOUSE and a memorable turn being stalked by David Hasselhoff on KNIGHT RIDER while also making an appearance in the film TROOP BEVERLY HILLS before calling it quits, marrying her high school sweetheart and moving to Connecticut. She also copes with Lyme disease but hasn’t let it slow her down one bit. She now lives a quiet life with her family.

One comment

  1. Debra Mahadeo · November 3, 2018

    Who are the couple and parents in living in sin Bon Jovi video?


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