Whatever Happened To…These 80’s Teen Movie Actresses

Jill Schoelen


Jill Schoelen always amazed me by having such a husky voice for such a tiny young lady. She sounded like she had spent a lifetime smoking Marlboro cigarettes and downing whiskey shots. She also was a bit of a hybrid in the teen actress world starring in just as many horror films as teen movies or in the case of CUTTING CLASS a hybrid of both. She is probably most recognized from her role as the step-daughter in the classic horror movie THE STEPFATHER.
JIll continued working in film and TV after the 80s came to a close but none of her movies or series really were that successful. By 1996 she had pretty much given up on acting deciding to get married and raised a family. She is currently more involved in music with her musician second husband . She released a jazz CD a few years back that can be purchased on iTunes.

One comment

  1. Debra Mahadeo · November 3, 2018

    Who are the couple and parents in living in sin Bon Jovi video?


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