Trailer of the Day: Constantine


A man struggling with his faith is haunted by the sins of his past but is suddenly thrust into the role of defending humanity from the gathering forces of darkness.

Well color me surprised. This trailer for the new NBC TV show based on the comic book (but not the Keanu Reeves movie) looks pretty darn good and best of all Matt Ryan, aside from looking like the comic book version, also seems to be pulling off the sarcastic a-hole aspect of the character too. The production values look really spiffy and even though the whole “protecting an innocent who discovers her own supernatural powers” schtick has been done to death, I am optimistic about how this show will handle it especially with episodes being directed by Neil Marshall.
And it will be airing in the Friday at 10pm slot for half of the season till HANNIBAL comes back so hopefully the two sows can provide a nice ratings one-two punch combo in that time slot.


  1. jmount43 · May 11, 2014

    Was that Jeremy Davies at 2:13? He was recently on Hannibal. This looks excellent. I’ll be watching.


    • Derek · May 11, 2014

      Yeah, I think he might be a recurring character on Constantine.
      He was really good on Hannibal which got renewed officially for a 3rd season. Woot!


      • jmount43 · May 11, 2014

        Hannibal is the best shows on television; if not the best.


      • jmount43 · May 11, 2014

        I meant to say that it is one of the best.


      • Derek · May 12, 2014

        I agree and hopefully this third season renewal means NBC plans on letting Bryan Fuller complete his vision for the show and won’t cancel it prematurely.


      • jmount43 · May 13, 2014

        Here’s to hoping!


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