The Best Looking New Fall TV Shows

Not too long ago I did a post on the Worst Looking New Fall TV Shows and not wanting to seem like a Negative Ned I figured I should do one on the best new shows that the networks have to offer this upcoming TV season. I made separate posts about comic book based shows like THE FLASH and CONSTANTINE because I am a bit of a nerd but the rest of the best can be found one click away.



Who better to track a stalker than someone who shares similar behavioral traits? That’s the premise behind this smart psychological thriller about detectives in the Los Angeles Police Department’s Threat Management Unit. They take on all forms of stalking cases, from voyeurism to cyber harassment, all while trying to keep their own obsessions at bay.

Okay, this show is another in the long line of CBS procedurals and really who was clamoring for another one of those? On the plus side this show is more CRIMINAL MINDS than CSI or NCIS which is a positive in my book and it stars Maggie Q and Dylan McDermott. I have always been a fan of McDermott (I even watched that awful HOSTAGES show of his last season) and Maggie Q automatically makes everything 100% more awesome just by her presence alone. Add to that fact of life that Maggie is also the star and looks to be in full blown NIKITA levels of bad ass and I am instantly sold on STALKER.

2 thoughts on “The Best Looking New Fall TV Shows

    1. Rabe is great and the show looks like it will be really good. And considering ABC gave that Resurrection show a second season has me optimistic that they’ll give The Whispers a decent shot.


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