Game of Thrones Season 4 Scene of the Week: And The Emmy Goes To…Peter Dinklage!

There are times when you are watching a TV show and you realize that an actor is doing something that is destined to be award worthy. I noticed it the first time Jessica Lange strolled onscreen in AMERICAN HORROR STORY’s first episode and proceeded to swallow Connie Britton whole. I noticed it the second Matthew McConoughey sat down to be interrogated on TRUE DETECTIVE. And I noticed it when Peter Dinklage’s Tyrion Lannister couldn’t take it anymore and lashed out at pretty much everyone during his farce of a trial on last night’s episode of GAME OF THRONES.

If ever there was a scene that could win an actor an award it was Tyrion’s scene last night. After sitting through a parade of people basically declaring his guilt in the murder of his nephew from his sister who has hated him since birth to Varys who he thought he could trust to be on his side, it was a tough episode for Tyrion. While a lot of what was being said was true (and a lot wasn’t to be sure) the way it was being recounted made it all seem much worse than it actually was. Tyrion was all alone except for his brother Jaime who struck a desperate deal with Tywin to save Tyrion’s life once it became clear that he was going to be found guilty no matter what.
That deal, if you can even call it that, would have been for Tyrion to be found guilty and plead for mercy from Tywin at which point Tywin would decree that Tyrion be sent to The Wall to spend the rest of his life in service of the Night’s Watch. And in return for Tywin’s generosity, Jamie would agree to leave the King’s Guard, find himself a wife, have a bunch of little heirs and rule at Casterly Rock…all things that are pretty much soul crushers to Jaime. So the deal sucked but it was better than losing his head plus it was a very nice reminder that Jaime still loves his brother even if the rest of the Lannister clan hates Tyrion. But then Shae was called as a last minute witness and everything went south.
Shae’s testimony was cruel and vicious and confusing as all hell to Tyrion and to me because I am still not quite sure if she was doing this out of revenge for Tyrion sending her away or because she is being forced to do it by Tywin or Cersei. Whatever the case, Shae accused Tyrion of gleefully plotting Joffrey’s murder with Sansa and of his being a selfish, lecherous troll of a man with no capacity for human decency. and that is when Tyrion snapped.

I Did Not Kill Joffrey, But I Wish I That I Had.
Watching Your Vicious Bastard Die Gave Me More
Relief Than 1000 Lying Whores!

Tyrion’s speech was amazing but the best part was that line directed at both Cersei and Shae with all the malicious intent Tyrion could muster. But those two ladies weren’t the only ones he let have it. He attacked his father and the entire populace of King’s Landing. He wished he had let Stannis sack the city and then wished death upon every single person who has treated him like crap despite his being the best hope for the kingdom. And then he threw a monkey wrench in everyone’s plans by enacting his right to a “trial by combat”. The passion that Peter Dinklage displayed in that speech was amazing and definitely will garner him another Emmy nom and maybe even a win because if anyone could stop the McConoughey freight train it would be Dinklage’s performance.

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