Game of Thrones Season 4 Scene of the Week: Fly Lysa Fly

A good deal of stuff went down on this episode of GoT, titled “Mockingbird”, not the least of which is Arya adding to her body count while bonding with The Hound; The return of Hot Pie who helps point Brienne and Podrick in the right direction for finding the Stark sisters; The Mountain being awful; Dany bumping uglies with the flea market version of Daario; and Tyrion losing hope of having a champion for his trial by combat then getting a new champion in the form of Oberyn. But the scene that stood out the most to me happened at The Vale and featured the man whose personal sigil was the title of this episode: Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish.

The action at The Vale started out calm enough with Sansa building a replica of Winterfell out of snow and having a few genuine bonding moments with her dimwitted cousin/future husband, Robin. That was until Robin clumsily destroyed the snow Winterfell and mouthed off a bit too much to Sansa resulting in her giving him the back of her hand. On the list of people deserving of a smack in the chops on this show, Robin may not be at the top but he definitely deserved the smack he was given. The little bugger then runs off threatening to tattle to Lysa.
Littlefinger then shows up and doesn’t really care that Sansa laid hands on Robin; instead Littlefinger just dispenses with all pretense and makes his skeevy intentions towards Sansa known by laying a gross kiss on her after telling her she was even more beautiful than her mother. Unbeknownst to these two Lysa was watching and stormed off in a huff right before she could see Sansa pulling away from Littlefinger’s pervy embrace.
Lysa then confronts Sansa accusing her of trying to seduce Littlefinger and as her delusions grew she attempts to throw Sansa down the Moon Door. Luckily, Littlefinger shows up in time to save Sansa and calm Lysa down with what started out looking like Littlefinger reassuring Lysa that he only wants her but he decides to twist the knife by telling her he has only ever loved one woman…Lysa’s sister Cat. And then he tossed Lysa through the Moon Door like she was a bag of trash!
With the revelation this season that Littlefinger has basically been the invisible hand that has caused all of the problems in the Seven Kingdoms, I have been curious to see what his next move will be and now that he is a widow he now gains control of The Vale’s future Lord which basically means Littlefinger now has an army and control of one of the best defended strongholds in all of Westeros. And the only person who takes the threat he poses seriously is poor Varys. I am pretty sure that will be changing soon. Now it remains to be seen just what is going to happen between him and Sansa.

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