I Now Know What To Get Kim Jun-un For Christmas

Dennis Rodman, the favorite celebrity of the baby-faced dictator/Supreme Leader of North Korea has now been immortalized in one of the most intricately detailed custom action figures I have ever seen. I mean this thing is insanely well made which makes it even more bewildering because why would you put so much time and effort into making a kick ass Dennis Rodman figure?

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This could be all yours for the ridiculously inflated price of $215 for the standard version or, if you are a true Rodman fanatic, $265 for the deluxe two body package. So start saving your pennies, friends.


5 thoughts on “I Now Know What To Get Kim Jun-un For Christmas

  1. Dear lord…


    1. It is quite something isn’t it?


  2. I can see Kim Jun playing with this for hours.


    1. I picture him playing with his Dennis Rodman action figure resplendent in footie pajamas.


      1. With his butt flap with one button unbuttoned?


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