Trailer of the Day: Leprechaun – Origins


The WWE’s Hornswoggle stars in this new take on the horror franchise Leprechaun, reinventing the cult fave for a new generation. – Source

So this movie is produced by the WWE and features little person wrestler Hornswoggle in the lead role yet it is actually taking this whole evil leprechaun nonsense serious and playing it straight? Nobody was looking for a grim and gritty hardcore horror version of the LEPRECHAUN franchise. At least nobody that I have ever met. These types of movies are absurd and should embrace that absurdity not try and be the freakin’ TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE in Ireland. Where is Warwick Davis to instill a little levity into the proceedings?

3 thoughts on “Trailer of the Day: Leprechaun – Origins

  1. I hate to sound like a cinematic snob but I wasn’t impressed with the first one and this one is not looking any better. I shall pass.


  2. However, there is a bright side: At least they didn’t get Peter Dinklage to play the lead. Talk about a career-killer.


  3. I am ashamed to admit having a soft spot for Leprechaun in the Hood. Its one of those so bad its fun to watch movies.


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