Good, Bad & Ugly Review: 7500

Rotten Tomatoes Rating: NA (Critics) / 91% (Audience)
Directed By: Takashi Shimizu
Written By: Craig Rosenberg
Starring: Leslie Bibb, Ryan Kwanten, Amy Smart, Scout Taylor-Compton and Jamie Chung
Studio: CBS Films
Synopsis:Flight 7500 departs Los Angeles International Airport bound for Tokyo. As the overnight flight makes its way over the Pacific Ocean during its ten-hour course, the passengers encounter what appears to be a supernatural force in the cabin. – (Source)

The Good:
A supernatural horror movie set on a plane is a pretty original idea so 7500 has that going for it. And I liked how the film initially felt like a 1970s airplane disaster movie before moving deep into the realm of the J-Horror.

The Bad:
Just how the film went about the supernatural stuff was a major problem though. Nothing made much sense even going by the buts of information the audience is given.
The scenes that were supposed to be scary came off badly edited and badly conceived. I was expecting and hoping for better from director Takashi Shimizu based on his past work THE GRUDGE films.
It also didn’t help that most of the actors seemed less than fully engaged in the movie they were starring in.

The Ugly:
The “big twist” at the end was abrupt and sloppy. It came out of nowhere, was not set up properly, was executed terribly and basically served to make the bulk of the film completely meaningless.

Final Verdict: An original premise that never quite met my expectations. As a disaster film it was mildly serviceable and as a horror film it was disappointing. I expected and really wanted more from a director who I know is capable of doing much better.

Grade: C-

5 thoughts on “Good, Bad & Ugly Review: 7500

      1. I saw the trailer for it when my wife and I went to the movies last year and after that, nothing. It would seem to me that the studio didn’t care too much about it.


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