Wishful Casting A Star Trek TV Series Reboot

With it being reported a while ago that Roberto Orci, one of the minds behind the JJ Abrams STAR TREK feature film reboot, had meetings with CBS to bring Trek back to television, it got me thinking about what type of show I’d like to see. Amidst all my thoughts about a Starfleet Academy show or a show about the shadowy Section 31 agents, I had the bright idea that maybe the new TV show should be a reboot of THE NEXT GENERATION. That way the movie and TV universes could remain separate but equal. And right after my idea of a TNG reboot I had the even brighter idea to do a wishful casting post where I cast the TNG roles myself. So click onward to boldly go where my little brain has decided to take me.


Originally Played By: Patrick Stewart
Wishful Casting: Colin Salmon
I have three criteria for what I think makes the perfect Jean-Luc Picard…British, bald and dignified. Those are three traits that Colin Salmon has in spades. He can be commanding and cerebral while also being a physically imposing figure coming in at a height of 6’4. He’d be my perfect new Capt. Picard.

4 thoughts on “Wishful Casting A Star Trek TV Series Reboot

  1. I kept trying to figure out where I had seen Dichen Lachman and it finally dawned on me: she played Suren the would-be vampire queen of Boston on the US version of Being Human. It’s a small world after all/It’s a small, small world.


    1. A new series call “Lineage” should be the focus featuring the kids all the series with a new Captain Wesley Crusher, a 2nd in command Nog, an undercover journalist/section 31 operative Jake Sisko, whose sister displays powers related to the wormhole aliens, Alexander, son of Worf who finally becomes the kickass Klingon he was meant to be, Chief O’brien’s kid Soshi and Icheb as well as Naomi Wildman and Bellana and Tom Paris’s daughter. All children of successful ship’s and all recruite by Wesley because of his experience as a “traveler”.

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      1. I would watch the heck out of that show. That is a really cool idea and it actually makes Wesley useful while harkening back to established continuity.
        Thanks for stopping by and posting.


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