Trailer of the Day: V/H/S – Viral

After watching on the news that an out-of-control ice cream truck is being chased by the police around the upper LA area, killing people and wrecking havoc among the way, a group of teens hell-bent on capturing the next viral video set out to chase the van. Things go from bad to worse when the content inside the van is revealed to be several tapes with bizarre stories. – IMDb

Did I really just see a woman’s nether regions open up like a Venus Flytrap and clamp down on some poor guy’s head? This third installment in the horror anthology franchise looks to be seriously over the top. Not sure if anything in VIRAL will top the pure anarchic terror of the “Safe Haven” segment but with a new crew of directors on board it seems to be giving it the old college try. I am intrigued to see what Gregg Bishop does since I thought his DANCE OF THE DEAD is an underrated little gem in the zombie comedy/horror category.

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