Cover Me Monday: Rolling In The Deep

Aretha Franklin joins the millions of YouTubers around the world who have made cover versions of the Adele hit “Rolling In The Deep” as part of her upcoming cover record, DIVA CLASSICS where The Queen of Soul sings songs made famous by other musical divas.

The Aretha version fails to best the original mainly due to an overabundance of Auto-tune that seems to be in use on Franklin’s vocals. I give her a pass on that though because at 72 her vocal prowess has diminished from the majestic heights it used to maintain. However, even an Aretha at less than full power is better than 90% of the singers in the world so, while not vintage Aretha, she still does not disappoint. I especially like where she goes vocally once the song begins to be mashed up with The Motown classic “Aint No Mountain High Enough”. It is then that Aretha starts to take us to church and no one does that quite like The Queen.
Aretha Franklin – Rolling In The Deep

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