Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer To Debut During Agents of SHIELD

In an attempt to get more eyeballs to check in on the less than stellar Marvel TV show that premiered last year to so much fanfare and quickly proved itself to be a milquetoast and drab hour of so-so television, the studio is attaching the debut of the trailer for the highly anticipated AVENGERS sequel to the 10/28 episode of the show.

To be fair to AGENTS OF SHIELD, the show has gotten better from its awful beginnings. But I still say that forcing people to watch a show that most of them have abandoned in droves is dirty pool on the part of Disney/Marvel. So let’s skip the wait and the hour of middling TV and just take a look at it now?!?!?!!

Shhhh! Don’t rat me out to the House of Mouse…keep this on the QT.

3 thoughts on “Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer To Debut During Agents of SHIELD

    1. Poor Agents of SHIELD, that trailer was going to be the only shot they had for a ratings spike and pirates ruined it.

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