Next Year There Is Going To Be A Krampus Movie!

From Legendary Pictures and directed by Michael Dougherty (of TRICK ‘R TREAT fame!), KRAMPUS will be arriving in theaters in 2015. So like the real Krampus this movie is all about ruining Christmas because how do you drop hints about this film so close to Christmas 2014 knowing that it won’t come out till the next year? That is mean.

Based on the ancient legend of a pagan demon who punishes the wicked, Legendary Pictures’ KRAMPUS, a twisted horror comedy set during the holidays, is written and directed by Michael Dougherty (Trick ‘r Treat). Co-written by Todd Casey and Zach Shields and produced by Legendary’s Thomas Tull, Jon Jashni and Alex Garcia, this darkly festive tale of a yuletide ghoul will be released by Universal Pictures.

Sounds like it should be fun.

No trailer or even a teaser is available yet but the studio did release these snazzy little animated gifs. My favorite is the one with the sad Christmas tree.

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5 thoughts on “Next Year There Is Going To Be A Krampus Movie!

  1. Will Dougherty do for Christmas horror what he did for Halloween horror and make it awesome again? Let’s ask Guido the Mafia Movie Critic:


    Thank you, Guido!

    *Hell yeah!


    1. From the moment I discovered the legend of Krampus back in high school I have always been far more interested in him than I ever was in Santa.


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