Good, Bad & Ugly Review: Everly

Rotten Tomatoes Rating: NA (Critics) / 93% (Audience)
Directed By: Joe Lynch
Written By: Joe Lynch and Yale Hannon
Starring: Salma Hayek, Akie Kotabe, Laura Cepeda and Hiroyuki Watanabe
Studio: Dimension Films
Synopsis: An action/thriller centered on a woman who faces down assassins sent by her ex, a mob boss, while holed up in her apartment. – (Source)

The Good:
Salma Hayek and action movie are not two things that I immediately think of being paired together but Hayek, under the slick direction of KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM helmer Joe Lynch, ably pulls off every sword slice, grenade toss and gun blast. I also loved the world that EVERLY was set in. Even though we never outside of one apartment building it is obvious that this world is some weird offshoot combo of the KILL BILL and JOHN WICK universes complete with sai wielding hookers and kabuki masked henchmen.

The Bad:
The film spent a little bit too long on Everly’s familial drama with her mother and daughter…a mother/daughter heart-to-heart in the bathroom seemed to go on forever.
And as much as I enjoyed watching Hayek kick butt I do have to say I was slightly bothered with how her character went from struggling to shoot straight in the beginning of the film to being a cold-blooded angel of death by the midway point.

The Ugly:
There are some moments that seem to be leering just for the sake of leering at instances of gory violence and on Hayek’s impressive physical assets.

Final Verdict: If over the top violence shot in a sleek and stylish manner and featuring less than realistic characters and situations is your thing then you should love EVERLY. The action set pieces are graphic and oh so bloody but never to the point that they become gross out and the outlandish characters and setting make things all the more palatable. Plus a surprising turn as an action heroine by Salma Hayek combines to make EVERLY a very fun viewing experience.

Grade: B

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