(Teaser) Trailer of the Day: Heroes Reborn

The saga behind the 2006 breakout series “Heroes” will continue as creator Tim Kring returns to the fold and develops new layers to his original superhero concept. This highly anticipated 13-episode miniseries will reconnect with the basic elements of the show’s first season, where ordinary people wake up to the fact that they have extraordinary abilities. Original cast member Jack Coleman will reprise his role as HRG, and Zachary Levi (of NBC’s “Chuck” and the Marvel franchise “Thor”) will join the cast as well. – Source


I loved HEROES when its amazing first season premiered in 2006 and I was a bit crestfallen when the show so quickly turned to utter shite by the start of its second season. Now I am not entirely sure why this show is being given a second shot at life but I am going to maintain a cautious bit of optimism that creator Tim Kring has learned from his past mistakes (like not killing off the character of Sylar when he should have) will give us the show that we should have gotten when it first hit the air.
As for this teaser I have no clue what is going on but I am happy to see Jack Coleman as Horned Rim Glasses and I am a huge fan of Zach Levi who looks to be playing against type because he seems decidedly unfriendly as he stalks the girl with the Aurora Borealis powers.

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