The Avengers Trailer…Now With More Spider-Man

It was bound to happen so no one should be surprised…someone added in shots of Spider-Man to the latest AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON trailer. And it looks pretty spiffy!

Look, Ma! Bad physics!!!

Look, Ma! Bad physics!!!



  1. jmount43 · March 9, 2015

    The Amazing Spider-man; he does whatever a spider can and yet he shoots webs from his wrists.


    • Derek · March 9, 2015

      He could never get a movie with a PG rating if he shot webbing out of his butt.

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      • jmount43 · March 9, 2015

        Yeah, I know. Would have been hilarious, though.


  2. Abbi · March 9, 2015

    Would have preferred Spider-Pig.


    • Derek · March 9, 2015

      HA! I think Spider Pig probably would be better too.


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