The Many Looks Of The Joker In Live-Action Movies & TV

So SUICIDE SQUAD director David Ayer dropped an official image of Jared Leto’s Joker and it is causing quite the stir online due to it’s non-conventional design aesthetic. This uproar got me to thinking about the different looks of live-action Jokers from the past.

Cesar Romero – Batman the Series

Romero’s Joker was very close to the Joker of the comic at the time. His suit may have been more pink than the purplish one that the comic Joker wore but he was very close. the green hair, white skin, red lips, coattails and gloves. Romero did refuse to shave his mustache though so the make-up people had to just paint over it instead. As a kid watching reruns of Batman I was just giddy at the sight of Romero’s Joker and loved the fact that he looked like the guy in my comics.

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