Trailer of the Day: Doctor Who Series 9

The further adventures of the time traveling alien adventurer and his companions. – Source

Arya Stark is gonna be on DOCTOR WHO! And she’s gonna be somebody that The Doctor knows! OMG!!!!
But seriously, folks…Maisie Williams is making an appearance on the upcoming season of DOCTOR WHO in a mysterious role (a post regeneration Jenny Who perhaps?) and I am geeking out pretty hard because it is a convergence of two of my favorite geeky TV show actors. Hopefully it is a recurring role and we get to see Maisie on an ongoing basis on WHO.
As for the rest of the trailer, well it looks like The Doctor and Clara are going to be up to all sorts of hijinks but I really was distracted by something other than the Arya Stark guest-star reveal and that was namely the fact that The Doctor is looking alarmingly like Dorothy Zbornak (the dearly departed Beatrice Arthur) from the GOLDEN GIRLS this season. I am a huge Peter Capaldi fan going back way before he got the DOCTOR WHO gig but his pooffy old lady hairdo is not the business. Oh well back to the trailer! The entire thing is pretty much a series of quick cuts that show some old villains (like the Daleks and Zygons and of course Missy) and some new snazzy looking alien threats to boot. But I am still bothered by Dorothy Who. Once it is seen it cannot be unseen, folks.

2 thoughts on “Trailer of the Day: Doctor Who Series 9

  1. Please tell me Clara is going to get blown to smithereens but some kind of intergalactic bomb. I hate her.


    1. I may not dislike her as much as you do but I am a bit disappointed in the character of Clara. I really wanted her to be the kickass Oswin from the Asylum of the Daleks episode and instead she was turned into yet another version of the over-used “Most Important Girl In The Universe” trope that Who has relied on a bit too much during the relaunch.


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