Now You See Me 2 – Good, Bad & Ugly Review

Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 34% (Critics) / 63% (Audience)
Directed By: Jon M. Chu
Written By: Ed Solomon
Starring: Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson and Morgan Freeman
Studio: Lionsgate
Synopsis: The Four Horsemen resurface and are forcibly recruited by a tech genius to pull off their most impossible heist yet. – (Source)


The Good:
Woody Harrelson was hilarious in a duel role as Four Horseman magician Merritt and his foppish bad guy twin brother. You could tell Harrelson was having a grand old time. Another actor obviously enjoying himself was Daniel Radcliffe who brought a demented energy to villainous billionaire prodigy Walter Mabry.
The movie managed to muster up a decent amount of entertainment whenever the team was in the middle of a heist, particularly their theft of a device from an impossibly secure white room.

The Bad:
The magic ventured from the “wow, that was cool” side of things with the first film to “come on, man…that’s ridiculous” with this movie. The primary storyline was a bit of a mess too. Its like the writer thought non-stop twists and turns with no thought to how they fit into the story of the film was all that mattered. Also the supposed big twist with Morgan Freeman’s character was not surprising in the least.

The Ugly:
I like Lizzy Caplan but her specific energy as an actor never really fit with the rest of the cast or even with this type of movie. She was seriously out of place.

Final Verdict: I enjoyed the first NOW YOU SEE ME but that movie ended in a place that really didn’t warrant a sequel and sadly the sequel we got proved me right. Aside from a couple of standout acting performances, NOW YOU SEE ME 2 never comes together enough to even come close to the fun the first film delivered.

Grade: C-

2 thoughts on “Now You See Me 2 – Good, Bad & Ugly Review

  1. Totally disagree with you about Lizzy Caplan. I thought she was great in the movie, nearly stole the show, and really held her own. Enjoyed reading your review, though! –Louisa


    1. I usually like her (and have in pretty much everything she has starred in since MEAN GIRLS) but for some reason she didn’t work for me here.

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