Trailer(s) of the Day: DC Cinematic Universe

Yahweh bless San Diego Comicon for being the outlet through which we, the geeky masses, finally get the Wonder Woman and Justice League trailers in all of their nerdgasmically awesome glory. I was expecting the Wonder Woman trailer but getting one for the Justice League movie is pure gravy, man.

An Amazon princess leaves her island home to explore the world, and becomes the greatest of its heroes. – Source


Wonder Woman was the surprise highlight of BATMAN v SUPERMAN so I was already looking forward to her solo movie but I am pretty impressed by this trailer. You have Amazons looking majestic and badass, you have Wonder Woman in action looking even better than she did in her brawl with Doomsday in BvS and you actually have some really nice character moments between Steve Trevor and Diana and Diana and Etta Candy. It is the Diana and Etta relationship that I am really looking forward to…their friendship has always been one of my favorite in all of comics and it is great to see it getting put on such prominent display in this film.
Even better is that this trailer whet my appetite for a Wonder Woman movie without really giving even an inkling of what the primary storyline is for the film. Just that scene of Diana strolling into a fancy party in her evening gown with a sword hidden in the back of it was awesome sauce enough for me. And they kept the kick-ass Wonder Woman theme from BvS which I love to pieces!

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