Wrestlemania 33 – Good, Bad & Ugly Recap


Seth Rollins vs HHH

This match went how I expected it to. No one will ever slap 5 stars on it and talk about how technically sound it was but the match followed all of the in-ring psychology you would expect and the story was executed very efficiently. Seth played the wounded warrior role to perfection while HHH was convincing as the dastardly veteran trying to destroy the upstarts career.
Honestly the most shocking parts of the match were Seth Rollins dressed up like the Gold Power Ranger and Stephanie in some get up that only a middle-aged suburban housewife would think screams “Rock n Roll Chick”.
But like I said this match was all storyline and the psychology of whether Seth’s injured knee would hold up and I have no complaints about how those things were handled in this match.

RESULTS: After HHH mistakenly ran into Stephanie (knocking her off of the apron and through a table) was given a Pedigree by Rollins and Seth got the 3 count.
BEST MOMENT: Stephanie McMahon going through a table…it was a long time coming and definitely worth the wait.

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