The Bye Bye Man – Good, Bad & Ugly Review

Three friends stumble upon the horrific origins of a mysterious figure they discover is the root cause of the evil behind unspeakable acts. – (Source)

Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 23% (Critics) / 26% (Audience)
Directed By: Stacy Title
Written By: Jonathan Penner
Starring: Douglas Smith, Lucien Laviscount, Cressida Bonas and Carrie-Anne Moss
Studio: STX Entertainment

The Good:
The opening sequence of a mild mannered Every Day Joe shooting up his friends and neighbors on a bright sunny day in the suburbs in 1969 is the only time there is any good tension or horror in this movie.

The Bad:
This movie spent a lot of time building up The Bye Bye Man as some big time baddie but once he finally shows up all he seems to do is play mind games mostly involving making a trio of college roommates think they are living in a tragic love triangle. The Bye Bye Man as a bad guy is a total disappointment.
The deaths are so lame and the visual effects for The Bye Bye Man and his dog look like trash.

The Ugly: suburbs
What did Carrie-Ann Moss do to get stuck in this movie? She was Trinity in THE MATRIX…that should be more than enough to spare her from starring in dreadfully forgettable horror movies.

Final Verdict: Not scary, not interesting, full of crappy characters played by crappy actors reciting crappy lines. THE BYE BYE MAN as a movie and an antagonist are not scary in the least and my fingers are crossed that this particular property is assigned to the trash bin of cinema and no one attempts to do anything more with it.

Grade: D-

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