Remake Rumble: Tomb Raider Edition

THE BAD GUYS: Manfred Powell (Iain Glen) vs Matthias Vogel (Walton Goggins)

If you are a fan of GAME OF THRONES and only know Ian Glen from that show then watching him be a cold-blooded, oily scheming rat bastard in this movie will be a shock. But he plays the bad guy so very well. Every moment that Glen’s Manfred Powell is onscreen you expect him to be nonchalantly murdering and pillaging with nary a care in the world. He is the type of bad guy that you like to watch do bad things but you like to watch him get his comeuppance even more.
I am a huge Walton Goggins fan and he did an OK job as the heavy in TOMB RAIDER but there was just something missing from him that didn’t quite check all the boxes I look fro in a good villain. The film tried to give him some pathos by having him bring up his family who he missed but that really seemed like a very superficial characteristic that was just tacked onto what was a pretty shallow character.
Advantage: LARA CROFT: TOMB RAIDER (2001)

THE EVIL MASTERMINDS: The Distinguished Gentleman (Richard Johnson) vs Ana Miller (Kristin Scott Thomas)

Richard Johnson’s Distinguished Gentleman was the leader of The Illuminati and had the bright idea that he was going to get to control time for some nefarious reasons that never came to fruition because he got double-crossed by his minion Manfred Powell. As The DG, Johnson was all overbearing stuffy English upper crustiness that made him getting double-crossed extremely satisfying.
Kristin Scott Thomas was introduced as Ana Miller, a family friend to the Croft’s and the person running the Croft family business empire. Right up to the end of the movie we were led to believe that Ana was someone who cared about Lara and her father; who would work with Lara to honor her father’s memory and help guide Lara along as she embraced her legacy. But it turned out that Ana was really the bad guy who was behind the shadowy organization that usurped Lord Richard’s work and ultimately killed him. Ana was not on screen much and it was obvious that she is being set up to be the Big Bad in any future movies that may come in this franchise. As a result Scott Thomas really did not have much of a chance to flex her villainous muscles. But in one extremely quick scene where it is revealed just what nefarious shenanigans Ana is up to we are shown her facade drop and Scott Thomas delivers a truly diabolical look that is a million times more impressive than all the fumfering that Johnson’s Distinguished Gentleman does in LARA CROFT: TOMB RAIDER.
Advantage: TOMB RAIDER (2018)

THE SIDEKICKS: Bryce & Hillary (Noah Taylor & Chris Barrie) vs Sophie (Hannah John-Kamen)

Bryce was Lara Croft’s tech guy and Hillary was her butler and major domo of the Croft Estate who also was quite handy with a rifle. Taylor and Barrie both had great playful chemistry with Jolie and it was easy to buy them as her faithful sidekicks who had been going into battle with Lara Croft for years. They also provided a decent chunk of the comic relief in LARA CROFT: TOMB RAIDER and none of it was of the groan worthy variety thanfully.
I am stretching things with choosing Hannah John-Kamen’s Sophie as a sidekick in the 2018 film. Aside from a couple scenes when the movie first starts where Lara is sparring at a gym, Sophie has no other appearances. Now the way Sophie and Lara interacted with one another there seemed to be a genuinely deep friendship between them and as a fan of John-Kamen’s work on the TV series KILLJOYS I was hoping that Sophie would show up a bit more, maybe even join Lara on her quest to find her father but that never came to be which was a bummer.
Advantage: LARA CROFT: TOMB RAIDER (2001)

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