The 5 Best Moments From The Aquaman Trailer

I have been waiting with bated breath all week for the trailer for AQUAMAN to be released and after finally seeing it in bold technicolor I am even more pumped up for this movie than I already was. and I really didn’t think that was possible.

1. Lil Arthur Talks To The Fishies

Loved the scene of the aquarium sea creatures getting very perturbed by kid Arthur Curry (on a field trip with his class) being bullied by a group of bigger kids. And then how the sharks and assorted other fishies all hovering right behind Arthur giving the stink eye to the bullies was a great shot.

2. Aquaman Is Pretty Freaking Strong

In every depiction of Aquaman from comics to cartoons to live action there has always been an inconsistency with ju8st how strong he is supposed to be so I am stoked that we get a shot of him lifting a submarine out of the ocean as a defining show of strength by our hero.

3. The Trench Look Frightening

As a fan of The Trench from their first introduction in the comics and being really interested in just what a horror maestro like James Wan would be able to do with them in live action, I have to say that I am impressed by the shots of them in the trailer. They look sufficiently horrific like they are supposed to and you can’t be mad at that.

4. Black Manta!!!!!

Sticking very close to the original design aesthetic of Black Manta was essential for getting the character right in my opinion and the key to that success is the helmet which this movie gets perfectly. And we are getting the eye beams!!! That cool ass helmet shooting rays of death out of it is one of my fondest childhood memories from the old Super Friends cartoon and it made my day to see it depicted in this trailer.

5. It Actually Looks Like A Comic Book

Aquaman is a property that really does lend itself to being as cartoony or comic-booky as possible and thankfully James Wan has embraced that. From the shots of Arthur and Mera entering Atlantis to the sight of armies going into battle riding sharks, giant crocodile creatures and crazy looking sea dragons was just amazing and totally like something that jumped off the comic book page.

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