The 5 Best Moments From The Glass Trailer

I was very entertained by SPLIT and was pleasantly surprised by the backdoor connection twist ending that showed it was a part of the UNBREAKABLE universe and I was ever excited by the announcement of GLASS being the third part in M. Night Shyamalan‘s trilogy about super-powered people in a “real” world. however I was also a bit cautious in my enthusiasm just because I have not fully gotten back on the Shyamalan train just yet despite really wanting to do so. But I have to admit that the trailer for GLASS removed a lot of my apprehension and has me counting the days until January gets here so I can see this movie in theaters.

1. Group Therapy

I had no clue that the always wonderful Sarah Paulson was in this movie and from the trailer it looks like her psychiatrist is going to have her hands full with the group therapy sessions she attempts to do with Glass, Kevin, and his 24 personalities, and David Dunn (Bruce Willis). I am also interested to see how Dunn ends up locked in the same mental health facility as Glass and Kevin.

2. Mister Glass Meets The Beast

It’s a villain team-up! Nothing says comic books like two super-villains teaming up to do away with their common enemy. It also shows the dedication Glass has to being a super-villain because his fragile body could be completely smashed to pulp by The Beast. And as scenes from later in the trailer show, Glass gives up all the info he has on David including his weakness to water.

3. The Beast On The Prowl

I just love the way this shot looks. The Beast darting across an open field as if he were some predatory creature on the hunt for his next meal is so cool looking. And the physical transformation by James McAvoy from Kevin to his various personalities always impresses me since he does it with no special effects just with changes in his physicality.

4. The Hero Finally Fights The Villain

The trailer makes it look like we are due for more than one face off between David and The Beast which is pretty much the main reason why any of us are going to be seeing this movie. And at least one of the fights takes place in broad daylight so the secret is going to get out that there are super-powered individuals in the world which should lead to even more possibilities for future sequels.

5. Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself

Mr. Glass is my new favorite super-villain and his announcing what he should be called is such a cool line reading from Samuel L. Jackson. I really do hope we get to see an even deeper dive into the evil brilliance of Glass and that his machinations involve more than just pitting Kevin and David against one another. I want to see something grand and diabolical from him to cement his status as The Bad Guy to the world at large.

One thought on “The 5 Best Moments From The Glass Trailer

  1. Completely agree on group therapy. I just love mental hospital films, and it will be so fascinating to see this trio together and how they would interact there under the strict authority of the institution.


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