The 5 Best Moments from the Artemis Fowl Trailer

I am grown adult who happens to like Young Adult novels. No shame here, folks. And one of the YA novels I have enjoyed the most in the past 20 or so years is the Artemis Fowl series of books. So to say I am hotly anticipating the big screen adaptation of the Eoin Colfer creation is an understatement. And while I am keeping my excitement in check based on being disappointed by the film versions of YA books (looking in your general direction Percy Jackson!) the teaser trailer that was released this week has me cautiously optimistic.


Any fans of FAIRLY ODDPARENTS is probably shouting “FAIRIES!!!” right now just like I am…Denzel Crocker was the best. Anyhoo…we get fairies in this trailer and the best depiction is an older Asian woman who transforms into a young, beautiful (and floating) fairy right before Artemis Fowl and Domovoi Butler’s eyes. It is a really cool shot.

2. The Magic is Mixed With Advanced Technology

We then get a look at the magical underground world of Haven City that is also just as technologically advanced as it is mystical. Imagine Wakanda with elves and fairies and you have this place figured out pretty well. I am happy they are sticking with the mix of magic and tech because it makes the world building of Artemis Fowl feel more unique.

3. Domovoi Butler the Badass

Quick confession…I wishfully casted Dave Bautista in the role of Artemis Fowl’s man-servant/bodyguard/confidante Domovoi Butler but I don’t have any complaints about Nonso Anozie being cast in the role because I have enjoyed him in everything I have seen him in. Besides he covers the hulking physique part of Domovoi’s character description and that is about 80% of getting the casting down in my estimation.

4. Artemis is a Badass Too

The casting of 12 year old Ferdia Shaw made me curious if film Artemis would be just a brilliant future master criminal or if he would be getting in on the action scenes too and I was happy to see the kid picking up a blaster and shooting at whoever he is shooting at. Especially since it makes me assume that “Orion” will be a part of the movie and I was not sure if that aspect of Artemis’ character would be brought over to the big screen version.

5. Dame Judi Dench Getting Her Magic Battle On

Speaking of out of left field casting. Judi Dench is playing Cmdr. Root and that is about the last casting decision I would have ever guessed at. First of all book Root is a guy and second of all nothing about the character screams Judi Dench to me. However that doesn’t make me think that Dench is wrong for the part since Judi Dench can do no wrong and she makes everything she appears in a million times better. And she’s magically beating up a squadron of armed guards all by her lonesome! How cool is that? Extremely cool, that’s how cool it is.

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