Three Scenes From A Horror Movie: #Float

Synopsis: Things turn deadly for Kali and her friends at the annual river float, as a sinister paranormal force plunges them into a life or death struggle.

Scene #1: Sexy Dance Party!

Law school student Dee and slacker single father Blake decide to go sit on the dock and reminisce about how they used to be a thing before Blake knocked up mutual friend (and possible alchoholic) Zola. And despite Zola and Blake’s 5 year old daughter being right up a flight of stairs from them, Dee decides to perform the least sexy dance in film history. And then nothing. They don’t make out, they don’t have sex. All that tortured gyrating for bupkiss.

Scene #2: That Stick Defied All The Laws of Physics

By this point of the movie Parents of the Year Blake and Zola lose their child in the woods and while searching for her Blake gets killed. How exactly Blake is killed is a bit of a head scratcher though because it looks like someone swung the stick at Blake but somehow Blake ends up impaled on the stick. Poor drunken Zola finds Blake and has a totes normal reaction before running away. Also peep the janky CGI for the stick poking out of Blake’s back.

Scene #3: Are You Saying That You Don’t Like My Vlog?

The film’s heroine Kali, a vlogger, gets into an argument with her boyfriend Jackson over his dislike of her vlog. See, Kali is a vlogger and she takes vlogging ver seriously. She plans on making vlogging her career. Of course this heated argument about the values of vlogging is occurring about 5 minutes after two of their friends have died, a small child has gone missing and another friend has disappeared. So these two truly have their priorities straight. And the topper of this vapid scene is that these two are so engrossed by the Great Vlog Debate that they don’t even notice that they have drifted into rapids.

If you haven’t been frightened off then you can watch #Float on Tubi and get the full effect of this odd little film.

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