Cue The Chemical Castration Machine

This example of epic ratchetness just makes me shake my head. This overly fertile deadbeat takes being trifling to all time highs. My top 5 moments from this vid:
1. “Roughly 18” (his response to being asked how many kids he has)
2. Referring to his kids as his siblings
3. Talking about he is out there “mentoring”
4. The majority of his kids names being some variation of Orlando
5. “I don’t block my blessing”

The Irony Of This Video Is That She Has No neck

This portly pepperpot likes to get crunk before work doing some chair dancing to raunchy rapper Khia’s “My Neck My Back“. At least she is getting some cardio in for the day.

I Would Definitely Go See Mean Gurlz

If the Lindsey Lohan comedy MEAN GIRLS was set in Compton I would hope it would be as funny as this mock trailer.
“That’s why her weave so big, its full of secrets”

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Burger King Has To Be Trolling The World With This One

A “Hands Free Whopper Holder“? Really BK? Like the minimal energy it takes to raise that messy concoction of runny mayo, wet bun, subpar lettuce and tomato and flame-broiled beef is too much to ask of people. Next Burger King will come up wit a portable IV that mainlines milkshake straight into your veins.

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Short Shrift Theater: Saturday the 14th

Ever wonder what Jason Voorhees does on Saturday the 14th? Well wonder no more! This little animated short clues us in on the day off shenanigans of our favorite hockey masked mutilator of nubile teens.
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The Greatest Superhero EVER!

Back in the swingin’ seventies some enterprising network exec at NBC decided tat what the world needed was a couple prime-time comedy specials featuring the heroes from DC Comics called LEGENDS OF THE SUPERHEROES. The first special was a slapstick chase comedy that is unbelievably campy while the second one was structured as a roast because that was what was all the rage at the time. In the roast episode we were introduced to a new hero known as Ghetto Man. He represented , according to emcee Ed McMahon, the minority communities and his power seemed to be that he was a bad stand-up comic.

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The Walking Dead Intro…90’s Style

Love how each cast member got their own little moment. I would have definitely watched this show in the 1990s up until it got canceled after 5 episodes by whatever major network had been airing it.

Finally A Harlem Shake Video I Don’t Mind

Reagan from the Exorcist getting into the (annoying) Internet craze! Turn out the lights and lock all the doors, people! This meme is dead and buried now.