The Greatest Superhero EVER!

Back in the swingin’ seventies some enterprising network exec at NBC decided tat what the world needed was a couple prime-time comedy specials featuring the heroes from DC Comics called LEGENDS OF THE SUPERHEROES. The first special was a slapstick chase comedy that is unbelievably campy while the second one was structured as a roast because that was what was all the rage at the time. In the roast episode we were introduced to a new hero known as Ghetto Man. He represented , according to emcee Ed McMahon, the minority communities and his power seemed to be that he was a bad stand-up comic.

Adam West was just all sorts of awesome as he “got down” with his soul brotha.
And with a catchphrase like this you just know Ghetto Man struck fear into the hearts of villains everywhere:

In the ghetto, we don’t say ‘SHAZAM!’ to get our powers, we say ‘KAREEM!’

Man, the 70’s were a fun time to be alive.

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