Rule 63 Cosplay of the Week: Sagat

Anyone who spent many hours back in the day playing Street Fighter have somewhat fond memories of the original one-eyed, Muay Thai fighting boss character Sagat. He was a bit of a pin in the butt as a boss but later on he became a playable character that I actually used to like to play as…his Muay Thai skills were quite spiffy. So this installment of gender swapped cosplay features cosplay vet Miss Sinister as she pulls off Sagat’s bald head and eye patch with pizzazz.
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Rule 63 Cosplay of the Week: Spawn

This week we get a really cool version of Lady Spawn that is yet another character that I would have never thought anyone would do a gender switch on. But cosplayer Cat Huntress pulls it off in style.
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Rule 63 Cosplay of the Week: Khan Noonien Singh

It is when I see cosplay like this that I feel pride in geekdom as a whole. Nobody would think to dress up as Ricardo Montalban’s Khan from STAR TREK II: THE WRATH OF KHAN nowadays (especially not with Benedict Cumberbatch’s version of the character being so fresh on the mind) and to gender swap it is even cooler. Plus this young lady’s costume came with an ear slug. Bonus points for that.
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Rule 63 Cosplay of the Week: Speed Racer

This week’s Rule 63 cosplay is a bit outside the box. You don’t see many people cosplaying as Speed Racer which is a shame because I really used to love the old show (the movie from a few years ago not so much) and the subject of this week’s Rule 63 pulls off the spirit of the character very well.
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Rule 63 Cosplay of the Week: Han Solo & Princess Leia Episode 2

I was shocked by how many folks have donned gender swapped Han and Leia costumes. And the dudes dressed as Leia just get more appalling with each cosplay example.

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Rule 63 Cosplay of the Week: Predator

Are you ready to feel all sorts of conflicted? Well Click onward to see the definition of a butterface in this week’s truly amazing bit of gender swapped cosplay.

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Rule 63 Cosplay of the Week: Doctor Who

This week’s Rule 63 cosplay is of the time-traveling Doctor from DOCTOR WHO. It is actually the 10th Doctor (portrayed by David Tennant) to be exact. This makes the Doctor/Rose relationship take on a whole new dynamic.

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