My Favorite Modern Horror Movie Scream Queens

Ah, Scream Queens…every horror fan has a special place in their heart for these lovely ladies with their voluminous lung capacity and penchant for running across homicidal maniacs. Everyone knows the classic Scream Queens like Janet Leigh and her daughter Jamie Lee Curtis and then there are some of the lesser known but no less beloved Scream Queens like the 1980s fan favorites Linnea Quigley and Barbara Crampton. But who are the current crop of Scream Queens? Who are the ladies that are spending all of their movie screen time running for their lives from folks that are trying to kill them? Well I am glad you asked because I have a list of a few of my favorites after the cut.

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The New Fantastic Four Movie Starts Filming This Summer

With the news that a filming for the new (rebooted) FANTASTIC FOUR movie was going to be starting this summer it got me to hoping that new director Josh Trank (CHRONICLE) will be able to eliminate the bad memories of those tragic two movies that starred Jessica Alba and The Commish. And considering that piss poor casting was responsible for 75% of what was wrong with the previous FF movies (bad scripts, direction and visual effects made up the other 25%) getting the right actors for the roles is going to be a big deal. Which led to this wishful casting post.
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