My Favorite LGBTQ Characters From Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Adventure TV

As a big old nerd I wholeheartedly recognize and appreciate that the realm of genre (science fiction, fantasy, horror, action/adventure) TV has always been very progressive and ahead of the curve in pop culture when it comes to LGBTQ representation and over the years I have become a major fanboy of many of the LGBTQ characters that have appeared on those TV shows. So in honor of LGBTQ Pride Month I figured I’d share some of that love with this list of my favorite characters from some of my favorite TV shows.

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My 5 Favorite Gender Swapped Characters In Movies & TV

With all the hubbub over the apparent gender swapping of Superman’s pal Jimmy Olsen into Jenny Olsen in the upcoming MAN OF STEEL movie (and man are the more emotional geeks having major fits), it got me to thinking about other examples of gender swapping in TV and film that I really enjoyed. Aside from the realization that BATTLESTAR GALACTICA did gender swapping better than any other property, it also became apparent that no one ever gender swaps a female into a male in anything. What’s up with dat?!?!?
So with that being said click away to see my list of favorite gender swapped characters.

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My 5 Unpopular Star Trek Opinions

Any fan of Star Trek worth his or her gold-pressed latinum holds the same opinion on certain facets of the Trek franchise: Kirk is a big ol’ pimp; Wrath of Khan is the best of the movies; The Best of Both Worlds is the best of the TNG TV show; Janeway’s hair bun was a miracle of modern science; Wesley Crusher was an abomination and Bearded Riker was way better than Clean Shaven Riker. But we all also have less than popular opinions that put us at odds with the rest of the fandom. So sit back, set phasers to stun and engage your way past the jump to see my unpopular Star Trek opinions.
***(And this is only original Trek not the new movie franchise)***
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