My 5 Unpopular Star Trek Opinions

Any fan of Star Trek worth his or her gold-pressed latinum holds the same opinion on certain facets of the Trek franchise: Kirk is a big ol’ pimp; Wrath of Khan is the best of the movies; The Best of Both Worlds is the best of the TNG TV show; Janeway’s hair bun was a miracle of modern science; Wesley Crusher was an abomination and Bearded Riker was way better than Clean Shaven Riker. But we all also have less than popular opinions that put us at odds with the rest of the fandom. So sit back, set phasers to stun and engage your way past the jump to see my unpopular Star Trek opinions.
***(And this is only original Trek not the new movie franchise)***

Chekov Was The Most Useless Trek Character Ever

What exactly was the point of Chekov on the Enterprise? Sulu flew the ship, Uhura handled communications, Bones was a doctor, Spock and Kirk were just all around awesome. But Chekov didn’t bring jack to the table. The two things he is going to be remembered for are the obnoxious way he said his “W’s” and getting a brain slug stuck in his ear. He should have been red shirted decades ago. I would have chucked him out of an airlock just for that poofy mop he had on his head in the early days. He was barely a member of the crew as evidenced by how he awkwardly tries to get in on the yucks Kirk and the rest are having while Spock looks on dismissively:

5 thoughts on “My 5 Unpopular Star Trek Opinions

  1. Dude, I’m In Total Agreement With You.
    Especially The Fact That DS9 Seriously IS The Best Trek TV Production. Period. TNG May Be My Fave Fave, But DS9 Really Was The Best.
    -Crewman BRAD 😉


  2. This post makes me want to go back and watch old star trek episodes now, lol. I actually have barely seen any of DS9 or Voyager, I was much more of a TNG guy at the time. I’ll have to change that methinks


  3. The only thing I disagree on is Dr. Pulaski. I do agree with your opinion of Crusher, but for whatever reason, I never liked Pulaski. You’re absolutely right about DS9. It was the best of the 5 series. I thought the series finale was meh. They built up some tension for the finale, but I don’t think they executed the finale properly. I think they had too many storylines to wrap up. Both, Enterprise & Voyager are underrated. Janeway is my favorite captain. On Enterprise, I loved that the crew wasn’t bound by the “Prime Directive”. I thought that made some of the stories more interesting, esp. with the Xindi.


    1. I know she is a tough sell but I just love Pulaski to pieces.
      I have been revisiting Voyager and have found myself enjoying Janeway more than I initially did during the show’s original run.


  4. Guinan is the stupidiest, most useless character in Trekdom. Just that idiotic costume is enough to deep space her pitiful behind. She is constantly imposed on episodes without advancing the plot in anyway. Compared to Guinan Neelix is a Spock.


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