The Greatest Sitcom Singing Groups Of All Time

Brady Bunch Variety Hour
The Brady Family + Bootleg Jan Invites You Into This Post

There comes a time in almost every standard sitcom’s life when the cast just has to sing. It could be as part of a talent competition, to raise funds for some worthwhile cause, it could be a dream sequence or it could just be a last desperate attempt by the show runners to garner interest in a show that is dead in the water. Whatever the case may be singing as a time honored tradition in American sitcoms and I decided to formulate a list of the seven (yeah seven, I like to be different wanna make something of it?) greatest sitcom singing groups ever assembled!

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The Worst Examples of Cousin Oliver Syndrome in TV Sitcom History

Cousin Oliver Syndrome is the well worn TV sitcom trope of introducing a younger character to the cast of a show in it’s later years as a desperate attempt to add life to a show that had grown a bit long in the tooth. This addition can be successful (like with the addition of Olivia to THE COSBY SHOW) or it can be disastrous like the list that I have put together after the jump. This sitcom trope gets it name from the character introduced in the last season of THE BRADY BUNCH. Cousin Oliver was a horrid addition to the show and never contributed anything of value, instead serving to drive a dagger into the heart of a show that was already on life support. Don’t believe me? Click onward and take a look for yourself.

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