The Greatest Sitcom Singing Groups Of All Time

Brady Bunch Variety Hour
The Brady Family + Bootleg Jan Invites You Into This Post

There comes a time in almost every standard sitcom’s life when the cast just has to sing. It could be as part of a talent competition, to raise funds for some worthwhile cause, it could be a dream sequence or it could just be a last desperate attempt by the show runners to garner interest in a show that is dead in the water. Whatever the case may be singing as a time honored tradition in American sitcoms and I decided to formulate a list of the seven (yeah seven, I like to be different wanna make something of it?) greatest sitcom singing groups ever assembled!


The FACTS OF LIFE girls are a reluctant group which is why they land at the bottom of this list. They also were almost exclusively a background vocal crew which also hurts their standing. The back story to Sexy Lingerie is that wayward tween orphan Andy (who for some reason saw fit to spend all of his free time hanging out with a bunch of grown women at their knock-off Spencer’s gift shop) entered the girls into a singing contest where the winning group would get to sing back-up for El DeBarge. Yep, once upon a time people held contests focused on El DeBarge…the 80s were a strange and wondrous era, children. So the gals belt out a sassy version of “My Boyfriend’s Back” that Andy sneakily enters into the contest and of course they win setting up the awe inspiring moment where the Facts of Life Girls (as Sexy Lingerie) meet El Debarge and go on to sing his hit sing “You Wear It Well”. It was quite a moment: Natalie showed commendable rhythm for a Rubenesque Jewish dame, Tootie was surprisingly stiff for a sistah, Jo was just a sad, sad sight, and Blair was getting her soulful diva on (this was before she found Jesus and rebuked all of this secular sinfulness). There were gigantic shoulder pads, big hair, and shiny blouses aplenty and that was just El DeBarge’s wardrobe! Plus George Clooney was there too for no good reason at all.

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