My Top 5 Favorite Janet Jackson Acting Roles

On this Superbowl Sunday many are thinking about Janet Jackson because of how unfair she was treated after her Super Bowl XXXVIII while her stage partner Justin Timberlake not only didn’t get a fraction of the ire directed towards him that Janet received but is actually the half-time talent for Super Bowl LII. And as I started thinking about Janet (Miss Jackson if you’re nasty)myself, my thoughts turned to her side gig as a thespian that has spanned over 4 decades and included quite a few performances that I have very fond memories of…so strap in and take a gander at my Top 5 Janet Jackson Acting Performances!

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Let’s Show Some Love To TV’s Best Sassy Black Women

The Sassy Black Woman is a longtime TV trope that according to the website TV Tropes:

She’s defined by her vivaciousness, humor and joie de vivre, and can make a good counterpoint to the more grim or snarky members of the cast. In complete contrast to her other variation, is not only a pleasure to be around, but is also so the go to girl for advice and help. These characters usually make good leaders, because though generally fun, insightful, they are still firm in decisions, trustworthy, and speak their minds.

It also is a trope that tends to be much maligned when in actuality it has generated some wonderful performances by some wonderful actresses. So click onward to see which lovely ladies made my list.

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The Greatest Sitcom Singing Groups Of All Time

Brady Bunch Variety Hour

The Brady Family + Bootleg Jan Invites You Into This Post

There comes a time in almost every standard sitcom’s life when the cast just has to sing. It could be as part of a talent competition, to raise funds for some worthwhile cause, it could be a dream sequence or it could just be a last desperate attempt by the show runners to garner interest in a show that is dead in the water. Whatever the case may be singing as a time honored tradition in American sitcoms and I decided to formulate a list of the seven (yeah seven, I like to be different wanna make something of it?) greatest sitcom singing groups ever assembled!

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