Let’s Show Some Love To TV’s Best Sassy Black Women

The Sassy Black Woman is a longtime TV trope that according to the website TV Tropes:

She’s defined by her vivaciousness, humor and joie de vivre, and can make a good counterpoint to the more grim or snarky members of the cast. In complete contrast to her other variation, is not only a pleasure to be around, but is also so the go to girl for advice and help. These characters usually make good leaders, because though generally fun, insightful, they are still firm in decisions, trustworthy, and speak their minds.

It also is a trope that tends to be much maligned when in actuality it has generated some wonderful performances by some wonderful actresses. So click onward to see which lovely ladies made my list.

Wilona Woods (Ja’net Dubois), GOOD TIMES

Wilona is the GOAT of the Sassy Black Woman TV trope. And for a woman who lived in the projects she sashayed through the hood like she didn’t have a care in the world working her job at the boutique and gossiping about the goings on in the neighborhood. She got a little less sassy in later seasons of the show once she was saddled with a young Janet Jackson as a foster daughter and was positioned to take Florida’s role as mother hen to the Evans brood but her innate sassiness still shone through on occasion.

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