Let’s Show Some Love To TV’s Best Sassy Black Women

The Sassy Black Woman is a longtime TV trope that according to the website TV Tropes:

She’s defined by her vivaciousness, humor and joie de vivre, and can make a good counterpoint to the more grim or snarky members of the cast. In complete contrast to her other variation, is not only a pleasure to be around, but is also so the go to girl for advice and help. These characters usually make good leaders, because though generally fun, insightful, they are still firm in decisions, trustworthy, and speak their minds.

It also is a trope that tends to be much maligned when in actuality it has generated some wonderful performances by some wonderful actresses. So click onward to see which lovely ladies made my list.

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The Unholy Trinity of Bad Movie Mothers

Mrs Gump gives a genteel and southernly “Bless Their Hearts” to the horrible moms on this list

While most of the world is honoring the best of motherhood on this Mother’s Day, I thought I’d take a different angle and look at the worst examples of mothering to ever be put on film. So put down the sappy Hallmark cards and last minute bouquet of flowers and click through to see the trio of worst movie mothers ever! Happy Mother’s Day!

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The Actors With The Worst Post-Oscar Win Careers

Marisa Tomei

Marisa Tomei is laughing heartily because she was able to fix her career before she ended up on this type of a list.

Winning an Oscar is supposed to be the pinnacle of an actor’s career. Once you have been recognized by The Academy your career is supposed to take off and if you play your cards right you will end up having your pick of roles in movies and may even find yourself in a position to win another award. But for some actors winning the Oscar is the beginning of the end. These unfortunate souls either fall off the face of the Earth or become jokes who end up starring in one bad movie after the next. It is with the less fortunate Oscar winners in mind that I threw together this list of people who probably all hate Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks with a blinding jealous rage.

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