The Unholy Trinity of Bad Movie Mothers

Mrs Gump gives a genteel and southernly “Bless Their Hearts” to the horrible moms on this list

While most of the world is honoring the best of motherhood on this Mother’s Day, I thought I’d take a different angle and look at the worst examples of mothering to ever be put on film. So put down the sappy Hallmark cards and last minute bouquet of flowers and click through to see the trio of worst movie mothers ever! Happy Mother’s Day!

Margaret White (CARRIE)

A dangerous mix of religious zealotry and a daughter with telekinetic abilities served to make Margaret White into a major monstrous mom. Instead of being a supportive place for Carrie to turn to (and Carrie needed it what with being a social pariah and a mutant freak), Margaret instead added to Carrie’s woes by telling her daughter that she is an evil thing that God is punishing.
Worst Moment: Margaret took her bad mothering to an extremely dark place when she tried to stab her to death forcing Carrie to kill her own mother.

Joan Crawford (MOMMIE DEAREST)

In the camptastic mess of a movie that was MOMMIE DEAREST we were treated to the inner working of the home life of old school Hollywood legend Joan Crawford. Turns out Joan was an abusive harridan with a bit of a loose screw who took all of her insecurities and disappointments on her children, most specifically adopted daughter Christina.
Worst Moment: There are so many (and most of them unintentionally funny to boot) but I would have to go with the “No Wire Hangers!” incident. Upon discovering that Christina had hung the pretty dress that she’d just brought her on a wire hanger, Joan proceeded to go HAM on her daughter, beating her with the wire hangers .


Mary was an absolute monster who performed the trifecta of abuse on her daughter. She physically, mentally and sexually abused Precious and was even abusive to her own grandchildren. Mary hated her daughter and even grew jealous of the fact that her live in lover was molesting Precious instead of being outraged and protective like a good mother would have been. There were no redeeming qualities in this character at all and what made her even worse was that the setting of the movie was so realistic.
Worst Moment: Like in Joan Crawford in MOMMIE DEAREST there was no shortage of horrible behavior on Mary’s part to point out. I think the worst would have to be the reaction Mary has to the visit from the social worker. It was insane.

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