Game of Thrones Scene of the Week: Whoop That Trick

Tyrion slapping Joffrey

This week’s scene of the week was too easy to pick…nothing is better than watching that little putz Joffrey get abused and this scene was especially satisfying because he got both humiliated and put in his place in quick succession.

After seeing his sister off to her new home (and marriage) in Dorn, the royal family made it’s way back to the palace past a throng of “loyal” subjects. First the sarcastic platitudes to Joffrey’s greatness began and then the shit really hit the fan when someone hurled a cow pie that hit Joffrey right on the side of his douchey head. Of course all hell broke loose with Joffrey calling for his guards to kill everyone, the citizenry rising up and attacking the royals, Sansa almost getting gang-raped (not to worry, The Hound arrived in the nick of time to save his “Little Bird”), some royal dignitary getting his limbs ripped apart by the mob like what happens regularly in zombie movies, but the best part was saved for last.

Tyrion lost his temper with his asshole of a nephew and slapped the hell out of him with even more vigor than the awesome slap he laid on Joffrey back in Season One.

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