Happy Black History Friday the 13th!

Another Friday the 13th is upon us and as luck has it this one falls within the month of February which is also Black History Month. So in honor of the stars aligning these two auspicious occasions together I decided to put together a super-cut of all of the fine young (and some not so young) black actors to have the honor of a gruesome onscreen death at the hands of Pamela Voorhees’ overly exhuberant bouncing baby boy.

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Let’s Show Some Love To TV’s Best Sassy Black Women

The Sassy Black Woman is a longtime TV trope that according to the website TV Tropes:

She’s defined by her vivaciousness, humor and joie de vivre, and can make a good counterpoint to the more grim or snarky members of the cast. In complete contrast to her other variation, is not only a pleasure to be around, but is also so the go to girl for advice and help. These characters usually make good leaders, because though generally fun, insightful, they are still firm in decisions, trustworthy, and speak their minds.

It also is a trope that tends to be much maligned when in actuality it has generated some wonderful performances by some wonderful actresses. So click onward to see which lovely ladies made my list.

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The Daily Nerdgasm: Black Kirby

Black Kirby” is an exhibit put on by illustrators John Jennings and Stacy “Blackstar” Robinson as a tribute to comic book legend Jack Kirby. The exhibit puts an Afrocentric spin on the art style of Jack Kirby and after the jump there is more awesome artwork from this talented duo.
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The 10 Best Token Black Guys in Movie History

Laurent from Twilight

The Black Vampire From Twilight Invites You Into This Black History Month Post

In an effort to appear open-minded and “with it”, it has become commonplace in the annals of moviedom to sometimes just throw in a black dude for a splash of melanin in what would otherwise be a completely white movie. These token characters/actors are rarely major parts of the film, hardly ever get any lovin’, and more often than not they just end up dying.
However there are the exceptions to the rule that transcend the tokenism of the role and become a part of pop culture. So without further ado here is my list of the 10 Best Token Black Guys in Movie History.