A Few Cases Of Chuck Cunningham Syndrome

In the annals of TV Tropes, Chuck Cunningham Syndrome represents the tendency some TV shows have to completely disappear a character with no explanation whatsoever. The fella it’s named after, Chuck Cunningham, was the basketball loving older brother of Richie Cunningham om HAPPY DAYS who one day went off to college and was never heard from again. No postcards, no calls to Mr & Mrs C, no visits during winter break. Old Chuck was just wiped out of the show’s continuity. And he is not the only one…from Bub on MY THREE SONS to Judy Winslow on FAMILY MATTERS to Cockroach on THE COSBY SHOW…characters have been getting wiped from a show’s continuity since forever. So I’ve put together a little list of 5 more recent examples of this phenomena.

Cast A Star Wars Reboot Using Bad Robot TV Show Alums

From the moment I first read about JJ Abrams snagging the director’s gig for the STAR WARS franchise, I immediately started thinking about what a Abrams style reboot of George Lucas’ universe would be like. Then I started thinking about who would get cast for the iconic roles. And then I started thinking that everyone with a blog on the Internet was probably thinking the same thing. So I started thinking about what a rebooted STAR WARS cast would look like if all of the characters were being portrayed by veterans of Abrams’ Bad Robot produced TV series.
And that is how we got to this point in the space time continuum, folks.

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