Cast A Star Wars Reboot Using Bad Robot TV Show Alums

From the moment I first read about JJ Abrams snagging the director’s gig for the STAR WARS franchise, I immediately started thinking about what a Abrams style reboot of George Lucas’ universe would be like. Then I started thinking about who would get cast for the iconic roles. And then I started thinking that everyone with a blog on the Internet was probably thinking the same thing. So I started thinking about what a rebooted STAR WARS cast would look like if all of the characters were being portrayed by veterans of Abrams’ Bad Robot produced TV series.
And that is how we got to this point in the space time continuum, folks.

Luke Skywalker – Robbie Amell/ALCATRAZ
Amell played the younger version of Robert Forster‘s character on the short-lived series ALCATRAZ. He’s a strapping young lad with serviceable acting skills and is about the only age appropriate actor I could think of from JJ’s shows that fit the role of Luke. At the very least he would bring in the Tiger Beat demographic.

Han Solo – Joshua Jackson/FRINGE
While a lot of people probably would pick Josh Holloway (Sawyer from LOST) to be the best Bad Robot alum for the role of Han Solo, I think Jackson fits the part even better. He is proven to be adept at the roguish aspect of Han from his time on Dawson’s Creek and FRINGE but it is as Peter Bishop on FRINGE that he showed he has the chops to be a devilish action hero while still pulling off the emotional stuff.

Princess Leia – Tania Raymonde/LOST
Tania Raymonde fits all the criteria I would need for a new version Leia…she gorgeous, plucky, a good actress and could pull off that cute double sticky bun hairdo like a champ.

Obi Wan Kenobi – Terry O’Quinn/LOST
Playing world weary guys with a little edge to them is the type of thing O’Quinn could do in his sleep. It is the edginess of his acting style that I really think would give a fresh spin to the role of Luke’s doomed mentor.

Darth Vader (voice) – John Noble/FRINGE
John Noble’s voice is amazing. He can bring a combination of haughty arrogance while at the same time sounding incredibly menacing. He would have a seriously daunting job in front of him to voice a character that has such an iconic vocal performance from James Earl Jones but I think he would be capable of pulling it off and putting his own stamp on Vader.

Lando Calrissian – Boris Kodjoe/UNDERCOVERS
You gotta be smooth to be the cape-wearing head honcho of Cloud City and Boris Kodjoe proved in the (also) short-lived spy series UNDERCOVERS that he can do suave with the best of them.

C-3PO (voice) – Sam Neill/ALCATRAZ
He is veddy, veddy British which to me is a prerequisite to voicing 3PO but he is also a bit more forceful sounding which would be a nice change from the more persnickety robot voice fans are used to.

Yoda (voice) – Michael Emerson/LOST & PERSON OF INTEREST
Emerson showed, especially as Ben Linus on LOST, that he can deliver lines with a certain soothing calmness that makes you want to listen to what he says. That smooth type of vocal performance would really work great as the master Jedi. And it would also be a hoot to hear Ben Linus deliver lines in Yoda’s distinctive speaking pattern.

Emperor Palpatine – Michael Kopsa/FRINGE
Well we know he can look the part based off of his time on FRINGE. I also think he would really ramp up the maliciousness playing a character that didn’t call for him to be so emotionally reserved. He would be a downright frightening Emperor.

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