The Best Horror Movie Franchises Ranked By Me

Earlier this week I saw that there was a list ranking the horror movie franchises on Gawker and thought it would be a good idea to do here. My rules however are a bit different than what the folks at Gawker used. For my list the rules are as follows:

1. To qualify as a franchise there must be at least 3 movies released.
2. Remakes of movies can be counted as part of the franchise.
3. “VS” movies (like Aliens vs Predators and Freddy vs Jason) are not counted.
4. Must be horror flicks. Duh.

So on to my list.

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Hellraiser Reboot Concept Art and Trailer

Two designers got together to create concept art and a trailer to aid in their pitch for a reboot of the HELLRAISER franchise and after looking at what they came up with I am convinced that somebody needs to give them some money to get this reboot started. Their little trailer looked better than every one of the (progressively more terrible) studio backed HELLRAISER sequels that have been released over the years and their designs are pretty gross and cool. the only nitpick I have is that their Pinhead doesn’t have nearly as many pins in his head as I think he should have.
Take a look after the jump and then visit the Hellraiser: Origins site to see more.
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The Six Best Horror Movie Final Girls

For the uninitiated who are not up on their horror movie terminology, the Final Girl is a “horror film (particularly slasher film) trope that specifically refers to the last woman or girl alive to confront the killer, ostensibly the one left to tell the story“. So now that the definition is clear here are the ladies who made the cut (so to speak) in my estimation:

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