The Best Horror Movie Franchises Ranked By Me

Earlier this week I saw that there was a list ranking the horror movie franchises on Gawker and thought it would be a good idea to do here. My rules however are a bit different than what the folks at Gawker used. For my list the rules are as follows:

1. To qualify as a franchise there must be at least 3 movies released.
2. Remakes of movies can be counted as part of the franchise.
3. “VS” movies (like Aliens vs Predators and Freddy vs Jason) are not counted.
4. Must be horror flicks. Duh.

So on to my list.

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A Few Of My Favorite Slasher Movie Death Scenes

I tend to watch a lot of horror movies and sometimes have little horror movie marathons on days when I am bored and needing some scares. It is while perusing through some of the horror movies I have seen already that I noticed a lot of them contained character death scenes that stood out to me for reasons as varied as being humorous, over the top or just really brutally effective. And then I decided to share a few of them with the rest of the world.

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The Seven Best Not-So Final Girls

The Not-So Final Girl is my own little observation about horror movies (most notably the slasher variety) and a tweak on the trope of the Final Girl, in that there is almost always one female character in a slasher film that usually gives the killer a run for his money before finally being taken out or just makes a huge enough impression on the audience (mostly through a strong performance by the actress) that we begin to wish she didn’t have to die.
To see the lovely ladies that made the list of best Final Girls CLICK HERE.
Now on to the list!

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