The Seven Best Not-So Final Girls

The Not-So Final Girl is my own little observation about horror movies (most notably the slasher variety) and a tweak on the trope of the Final Girl, in that there is almost always one female character in a slasher film that usually gives the killer a run for his money before finally being taken out or just makes a huge enough impression on the audience (mostly through a strong performance by the actress) that we begin to wish she didn’t have to die.
To see the lovely ladies that made the list of best Final Girls CLICK HERE.
Now on to the list!

7. Kirby Reed (Hayden Panettiere) – SCREAM 4


In SCREAM 4 Kirby filled the void left by dearly departed Randy as expert on horror movie conventions except she was hot and had a manlier haircut. Kirby was the geek turned popular girl who also had the misfortune of being the best friend of psychotic Jill Roberts and the object of desire of Jill’s equally twisted partner in serial killing, Charlie. Kirby made such an impression on moviegoers that the slight ambiguity of her death scenes has spurred countless hours of speculation as to whether the character is actually dead.

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