The Seven Best Not-So Final Girls

1. Wendy Richards (Anne-Marie Martin) – PROM NIGHT (1980)


Wendy Richards was the prototypical C U Next Tuesday, overly entitled, snotty beeyotch who didn’t seem to mind that everyone around her (friends and family included) seemed to hate her guts. Instead she gleefully reveled in that fact. As a child, Wendy was the ringleader of a group of neighborhood kids who accidentally caused the death of poor little Robin Hammond; so it was a no-brainer that when Robin’s brother decided to don a ski mask and get revenge on his sister’s killers that Wendy would be at the top of his hit list. Of course Wendy being the type A personality that she was didn’t make getting killed the easiest task in the world and proceeded to make our vengeful serial killer’s life very difficult by leading him on a nearly 9-minute chase through the halls of the high school before finally getting up close and personal with Robin’s axe. But in those 9 minutes I began to hope against hope that maybe Wendy would elude evisceration and live to be a mean girl for yet another day.

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